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Awards Management Platform


Users register, create entries, upload files and submit/pay. Expert email support is provided by the FisherCat INC technical support staff, with more than a decade of experience in online awards, our team will answer any questions you or your users may have.

  • Registration
  • Membership Validation
  • Digital File Upload
  • Simple User Experience


Our elegant and simple judging module is a breeze for your judges to vote and focus on giving your user's content the proper evaluation it deserves. Customize your judging criteria, you can show or hide any data you want from the user's submisison forms.

  • Multiple Scoring Methods
  • Media Transcoding
  • Miultiple Rounds
  • Simple User Experience


Keep track of all users and submissions easily using the Administration Console.

  • Control of Submissions/Judging
  • Email Reminders
  • Excel Export for All Data
  • Progress Tracking
  • Simple User Experience

Awards Made Simple

Leverage more than a decade of industry our experience

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