FisherCat INC.

IT Consulting

Let our skilled consultants help guide you and your company through all stages of growth, from start-up to scale-up we have the experience to make your vision into reality, and the technology experience and expertise.

Our goal is to keep clients informed of how to best use their IT practices to achieve and their business objectives and both their long and short term goals.


Awards Management

FisherCat has developed a simple and reliable platform to manage your awards program. The FisherCat INC Awards Management Platform covers all online aspects of your awards program from submissions and payment to Judging. The Platform is easily customizable, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow.


Software Development

FisherCat has the 'know how' and the 'know who' to achieve your custom software solution. Originally founded by software developers - Fishercat build out the solution you need.


Technology Made Simple

Leverage more than a decade of industry our experience

Drop us a line and let's chat. We've seen all the ups, downs and curves technology can throw at you, our team's experience extends back to 2001 - We've seen it all and know how to help.

FisherCat INC. can offer you Consulting plus a wide variety of related services, and acesss to our Awards Management Platform, click below to email us and get strated.

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